How to Keep Armadillos Out of My Yard

There are some things that you can apply so as to keep San Jose armadillos out of your yard. When such things don’t seem to work for you, you will need to hire a wildlife removal company that is totally professional so as to deal with the issue as humanly as possible. The California animal will be trapped and then relocated.

What To Do
If San Jose armadillos keep on coming to your yard, there must be something that they find very tasty under the garden or lawn soil. The armadillo will move a lot of soils so as to fid grubs and insects. If you have a pristine lawn, you will find it filled with all sorts of holes just after a single night.

The California armadillo are peaceful and very interesting creatures but they can cause great nuisance if they get into the places where you don’t want them to be. If the problem is already in motion, then you have very limited options. There are many chances that the creature got to the yard through burrowing.

They can also get under the porch or other areas that aren’t too easy to access. So far as the wild California animals are concerned, we all are not comfortable to have them at home as neither a pet nor we want them near about us anyway. This is just because of many common reasons. It is important to note that sealing out the hole may not really help. This is because the animal will simply dig itself out. It is therefore important to let the animal leave all by itself willingly. Using repellents doesn’t help with San Jose armadillos. There isn’t a spray or powder that can make the animal leave.

You can create one way elimination doors to deal with the issue. This should be placed at the entrance of burrows. This is a door that can be created out of metal or another kind of material which still allows the animal to see outside. You then cut fencing making it larger than the hole and leave it secured. When the San Jose animal leaves, the door made of wire will fall into place but the margins on the outside will prevent the animal from reentering. The California animal can then be trapped and relocated to another suitable area.

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