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Do You have a Skunk Under Your Shed or Porch?

California skunks are known for being nocturnal and generally these exhibit a decent behavior and seldom turn aggressive. They can survive on almost anything so it is easy for them to adjust in any kind of environment. Now problem is that we never want to keep them as pets and there are some obvious reasons for this. The spray which is released in the form of a self defense mechanism is the main threat which makes these San Jose animals undesirable as it is not only irritating, but can also bring health related complications.

In addition to bad odor, San Jose skunks also bring damage to property because they are diggers and can destroy your gardens also sheds are decks are their most favorite places and skunks don’t leave any kind of opportunity related with getting settled there. It has been noticed that in many situations owners don’t notice the presence of skunks in their shed or porches and when situation gets clear it is really difficult to get rid of the infestation. Therefore, many people often ask that How do you know if you have a California skunk under your shed or porch? In this section, we will try to find answers related with this question.

• The biggest sign is bad odor if your shed or its surroundings are smelly, then it is better to get alert. San Jose skunks use their spray in the form of a self defense mechanism, but their presence in any area always leaves the air full of bad odor. You simply have to be extremely careful while dealing with them because bad odor is known for bringing a variety of complications.

• Skunks living in your shed or porch will leave no opportunity of invading the garden and digging holes there is search of food. Normally they will become active during night and will make holes in areas that are a bit greasy. Holes made by San Jose skunks are 3 to 4 inches deep. During spring their activity decreases, but they become extremely active during warm months.

• Any kind of disturbance or sightings of San Jose skunks should also be taken as a sign and one should be promoted to inspect deck or porch.

For dealing with skunks it is best to call San Jose professionals especially when you don’t have any kind of past experience. You must be wise because any kind of mistake can bring complications that are undesirable. Therefore, don’t waste your time at wrong things.

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